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Are you looking for a website that can be built quickly, has heaps of features, and comes with a fair price?

It can be done with the help of WordPress, modules and the most advanced WordPress theme available today.

How Web in 24 hours works

  • You will pay only once. No hidden fees and no additional payments. If you change your mind for any reason you don`t have to pay anything.
  • No contract, schedules, deadlines, pure webdesign. You won`t be charged before your web is done and ready for uploading on your official domain.
  • After the website is uploaded to the official domain, all login and password information to ftp, hosting, mail and administration will be sent to You.

Price for the website: 449€ (final)

Eshop starting from: 549€

Customers are lovin’ it

“Mark was very professional. The project milestones were delivered in a timely manner. He was a great help in creating the website that matched the expectations. Thank you, Mark!”

Maija Krasna / Modig

“The website build went smoothly and to our satisfaction. Mark was always in touch, responded to our emails and requests in a timely manner… I would definitely recommend his services to anyone. We will continue to work with Mark.”

Andrew Bucklin / Tech Advance

“I highly recommend Mark because of his effort for solving a problem. Nice communication and great WordPress skill.”

Zdenek Balhar / Dream IT Company

“Mark was very good to work with, flexible and good results.”

Michael Alcock / Radtag

Our business has worked with Mark for over 10 years and have always been very pleased with his work.

Denise Newton / Rapidtags

*All testimonials are real and you can verify them on my profile on Upwork

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    Website in 24 hours


    Premier provider of clothing labels

    Website in 24 hours


    RadTag Inventory Control System

    Website in 24 hours


    Fashion & Clothing Eshop

    Website in 24 hours

    Peninsula Auto Shine

    Car detailing company in California

    Website in 24 hours

    Real estate agency

    Real estate agency in California

    Website in 24 hours

    3D Photo

    Custom photo engraving in glass

    about web in 24 hours

    Yes, it’s possible to have your modern and responsive website complete and running in only 24 hours. For a low price. Your business is growing fast. I  understand that you don’t have time to think about your website graphics, themes, layouts and functionality. Send me your images, pictures, logo and content then let me create the website for You. I don’t use any sort of ‘automated processing’. I am a real web designer who designs and manages your site!

    20+ years of experience in web design. 25+ Websites yearly. Fluent in English and German. Actively maintaining over 50 websites. I have built various complex websites (from simple blogs up to large eCommerce solutions) for a diverse range of businesses (Entertainment, HoReCa, Retail, Finances, Marketing, Logistics, Media, Manufacturing).
    Mark Kollar / Wordpress and Woocommerce Expert *****